Solar Thermal Testing



Solar Thermal is one of the fastest growing industries in the renewable energy market. Thermal Testing of Solar Energy Components, Collectors, Systems, and Materials need to be tested to a variety of standards to attain the required solar thermal certifications.

Temperature cycling, thermal shock, thermal profiling, and other environmental temperature conditioning is why MPI Thermal systems are part of the manufacturing temperature test process.

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MPI ThermalAir TA-5000 Series Systems

Advanced Thermal Testing Technology for Today’s Emerging Technologies

Flexible – Silent – Energy Efficient


Temperature Chambers for Today’s Advanced Technolgies

Advanced – Accurate – Reliable


Thermal Cycling Systems for the Future

Instead of taking your parts to a large walk-in environmental chambers or small ovens, ThermalAir Mobile thermal Test Systems allow you to bring temperature to your components (at your test location), providing reliable, precise temperature testing .

Performance testing of thermal and photovoltaic thermal solar collectors are a crucial part of the manufacturing process. Thermal Testing of Solar Energy Components, Collectors, Systems, and Materials need to be tested to ensure durability. Thermal Shock and high-temperature testing are critical to establishing efficiency reduction rates and reliability for solar performance.

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Some Applications


  • Test-to-Failure
  • Thermal Shock
  • Thermal Resistance of Materials
  • Thermal Simulation
  • Accelerated Life Testing of Solar Materials
  • Failure Analysis
  • Thermal Cycling

Products Overview

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Accelerated Life Testing


With Solar Technology development on the rise as a large scale renewable energy source, home production, space exploration, and medium to small devices, thermal testing through thermal shock and temperature cycling makes MPI TA-5000 Series of thermal test systems critical to research and development of solar components and materials.

Accelerated life testing of solar energy materials offers possibilities to forecast material life cycles prior to installation. For the development of new components and systems it opens a possibility for systematic life cost analysis and material selection.

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The Most Advanced Technology Available

  • Out Gas Air Flow up to 20 SCFM from -80C to +225C
  • -55C to +125C / +125C to -55C < 10 sec
  • Ultra Stable DC Temperature Control
  • Frost Free Operation / Heated Purge / Built-in Air Dryer
  • Easy Roll Around wheels for portability
  • Plug-in Anywhere 200Vto 250V AC, Single Phase 50/60Hz
  • Variety of Sizes: Glass Caps, Shrouds & Compact Chambers
  • Fastest ramp rates
  • Set Ramp, Soak, & Cycle temperature transition time

The TA-5000’s built-in air dryer and filtering system sends clean dry air (CDA) through its powerful internal chiller / heat exchanger to deliver a maximum temperature cycling range (hot & cold) from -100°C up to +300°C.

The increasing need for clean renewable energy sources has helped spur research in solar driven processes. Through photovoltaic, trough, and high concentration solar, researchers understand the benefit of deriving energy directly from the sun. New innovations are pushing the limits of material tolerances and life expediencies. Temperature Characterization and thermal stress values associated with solar testing can greatly assist in the search for usable materials.

When your thermal test requires focused localized temperatures at the test site, ThermalAir TA-5000 temperature inducing equipment can be used to provide temperatures for a variety of environmental test applications.

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