ThermalAir TA-3000A

ThermalAir Series Temperature Forcing System

The ThermalAir TA-3000 high capacity thermal air stream system is used for temperature testing, fast thermal cycling, and device temperature characterization of components, hybrids, modules, PCBs, and other electronic and non-electronic assemblies at precise temperature from -65°C to +225°C. Compact! Plus Performance!

An Evolution in Temperature Testing

-65°C to +225°C

Compact! Plus Performance!

  • Eco-Friendly with up to 50% power energy savings
  • Ultra-stable DC temperature control with Smart DC Energy efficient chiller
  • Built-in color touch screen display GUI. The front panel touch display easyicons makes for convenient user operation and intuitive user friendly menus
  • No voltage or frequency configuration needed- one system worldwide
  • Quiet low audible noise for engineering laboratory
  • No LN2 or CO2 required [ Built in Chiller & Air Dryer ]

Thermal Test Cycling Solutions

ThermalAir TA-3000A Dimensions & Working Height

Thermal Stream Dimensions
Thermal Stream

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Full lnline Interface for all communication control Requirements

3 USB-Type A, 1 USB-Type B, IEEE-488, LAN, RS-232, T-Type, K-Type and RTD temperature sensors PLUS Auto Start Test & End of Test for automatic temperature cycling Hot & Cold/Ambient.
All these are made for simple control and serviceability.

Download the Datasheets

ThermalAir Color Touch Screen GUI

6 Users Friendly Easy Icons

  • MAIN  Users Defined Preset Temperature Settings
  • CYCLE  Hot/Cold Temperature Cycle User Profiles
  • SETUP Save/Load Temperature Parameters
  • UTILITIES Configuration, Calibration & Diagnostics
  • REVIEW Real-time & History  – Full Temperature Graphs
  • DATALOG  Chart Time & Temperature to USB

Feature and Advantages

  • Ultra Cold Temperatures are maintained at 50Hz or 60Hz.
  • The System’s Touch Screen lets operator control temperature settings, ramp and cycle right at user test bench workstation.
  • Plug-in Anywhere from 200 to 250VAC. No need for user voltage re-configuration when system moved to different locations.
  • USB for thermal file management and data logging.
  • A separate temperature controlled dry air purge for keeping surrounding test area frost free operation during long test times at extrerme cold temperatures.
  • Two User Control Modes – Standard Operator & Temperature Cycle (Temp Cycle, Ramp & Soak).
  • User Interface and Operations – Remote Control Compatible
  • Modes for existing user test programs.- Center Control Color Touch Screen Display


    – IEEE-488.2(GPIB), USB, Ethernet, Serial, LXI

    – Intranet via LAN

    – LabVIEW drivers

ThermalAir Accessories

The ThermalAir TA-3000 series has a wide range of accessories that are attached to the ThermalAir Stream Arm and Flex Hose located at the end of Thermal Head output gas nozzles.

They incorporate an intuitive full funtion for the ThermalAir users with the flexibility to accurately test in a variety of ways at the thermal test workstation.

The TA-3000A can also be used with an Thermal End Effector adaptors interfaced to the end of Thermal Head Arm and Stand, designed to adapt to the end users device under test. The exact use of this device depends on the users thermal test application.

Customize Your Temperature Testing Application

ThermalAir TA-5000A Accessories

Temperature Conditioning Chambers | High Temperature Glass Test Chambers

High Temperature Glass Chambers

Rectangular & Square Thermal Glass Cap Chambers | Temperature Conditioning Chambers

Rectangular & Square Thermal Glass Cap Chambers

Conductive & Non-Conductive High Temperature Shroud kit | Thermal Conditioning Chambers

Conductive  & Non-Conductive
High Temperature Shroud kit

Environmental Test Chamber |Temperature Conditioning Chamber

Compact Chamber Clamshell Model

Test Chamber Accessories

Flex Extender Air Transfer Hose
2Ft., 3Ft., 4Ft., 5Ft., 6Ft. Length
(Custom lengths available)

Temperature Test Enclosure

Compact Chamber Hood Model