TA-5000B with Flex Extender Air Transfer Hose

Flexible Temperature Testing & Thermal Cycling Test Solutions

MPI Thermal manufactures a variety of compact temperature chamber solutions for electronics and material test and thermal conditioning. An array of standard and custom design high-performance Clamshell styles and other configurations and custom dimensions and sizes are available. MPI ThermalAir Systems compact chamber thermal products are available to meet your test application needs.

An Evolution in Localized Temperature Test Systems

TA-5000B Temperature Testing System | Temperature Simulation Test Equipment

-80°C to +225°C

Flex Extender Ait Transfer Hose

2Ft., 4Ft., 5Ft., 6Ft. Length

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Thermal Cycling System

TA-5000B with Flex Hose

TA-5000B with Flex Extender Air Transfer Hose provides maximum flexibility and reach, in the lab, on the benchtop, or in the production line. The unique architecture of the ThermalAir TA-5000 series of products creates an unprecedented performance.

Performance Plus! – Productivity!


  • Out Gas Air Flow up to 20 SCFM from -80C to +225C
  • -55C to +125C / +125C to -55C < 10 sec
  • Ultra Stable DC Temperature Control
  • Frost Free Operation / Heated Purge / Built-in Air Dryer
  • No LN2 or CO2 / CFC Free / CE Mark

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ThermalAir TA-5000A  

Dimensions & Working Height

Thermal Stream Dimensions
Thermal Stream Extended

Remote interface ports: Four: IEEE-488, RS232C, SOT/EOT/SFF, And Ethernet, 4 USB-Type A, 1 USB-Type B, VGA, LAN, PLUS Auto Start Test & End of Test for automatic temperature cycling Hot-Cold-Amb. All this makes for simple control and service ability.

Plug & Play Remote

No need to rewrite test programs

IEEE.488 / RS-232 

Compatible with Legacy Products

Download the Datasheets


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