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Environmental Stress Chambers

ESS Environmental Stress Chambers

The MPI ThermalAir Environmental Stress Testing Systems and Thermal ESS Test Chambers are Adaptable

ESS Test Chambers


 Whether you’re temperature testing semiconductor devices, automotive sensors, fiber optic components, microwave hybrids, MCMs, PCBs or any type of electronic and non-electronic parts, we can connect to your test setup to bring temperature cycling capabilities directly to your bench top or test station
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ESS Test | ESS Test Chambers | Environmental Stressing Chambers | ESS Stress Test Chamber | Environmental Stress Screening Chambers

HALT Testing Chambers providing higly Accelerated Life Test for different types of Applications

Compact BenchTop Environmental Test Chambers

Highly Accelerated Life Testing | ESS Testing | ESS Chambers | HALT Testing Chambers | ESS Test Chamber | HALT Testing

        HALT Test Chamber

HALT Test Chamber
Our small environmental stress testing chambers provide for the alternating of heating and cooling materials such as plastics, composites, and ceramics. MPI’s small ess test chambers are ideal for temperature testing and thermal cycling various temperature ranges on parts and electronic components.


ThermalAir temperature test chamber easily exceeds the mil-spec temperature range of -55°C to +125°C (actual test range -90°C to +300°C). Fast temperature cycling test in just seconds.

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Control the Ramp Rate Transition Times

Thermal Analysis Software
ThermalAir environmental stress testing (ess) system easily exceeds the mil-spec temperature range of -55°C to +125°C
(actual test range -90°C to +300°C). Fast temperature cycling test in just seconds.

The DC chiller and DC Heater patented technology runs at full temperature performance at any power frequency, 200VAC to 250VAC users facility with 50% greater energy efficiency.

ThermalAir Configurations & Chambers

ESS | ESS Chamber | Environmental Stress Screening | Temperature Test Chambers | Environmental Stress Testing | HALT Test