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Throughout the semiconductor manufacturing, engineers design integrated circuits and IC devices. This process of manufacturing semiconductors (commonly called ICs, or chips) can consist of more than a hundred steps. Our Temperature forcing systems and environmental test chambers are an integral part of the semiconductor back-end test process.

MPI Thermal TA-5000 series state-of-the-art thermal testing solutions are changing the way thermo cycling tests of DUT’s are performed allowing semiconductor manufacturers to improve performance, reliability, and profitability through greater efficacy of manufacturing Semiconductor ICs and final test processes.

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Thermal Cycling Semiconductor ICs


MPI ThermalAir Test Systems Brings Precise Temperature testing capabilities directly to the parts, components, PCBs, MEMs, MCMs, ICs, assemblies, and electronics. Our flexible, precision thermal air forcing systems and temperature test chambers provide a stream of hot or cold air directly to the test location. ThermaAir provides engineers and researchers an accurate temperature controlled test environment capable of performing rapid temperature cycling in their lab or on the production floor.

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Thermal Characterization of IC Packages

Thermal characterization of packaged semiconductor devices is critical for the performance and reliability of IC applications. Thermal management, thermal resistance, and temperature characterization must be taken into account to ensure product reliability. All Semiconductor ICs generate heat when power is applied to them. To maintain the device’s junction temperature below the maximum allowed, adequate heat flow from the semiconductor IC through the package to the ambient is critical.

TA-5000 Series temperature cycling are a series of high capacity thermal air stream systems that are used for temperature testing, fast thermal cycling and device temperature characterization of components, hybrids, modules, PCBs, and other electronic and non-electronic assemblies at precise temperatures from -100°C to +225°C

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Thermal Cycling Tests are used for  Semiconductor Reliability Testing and to predict Fatigue Life of Semiconductor ICs. These thermal cycle tests are repeated, cycling from high to a low temperature testing ranges to accurately predict the fatigue life cycle of an IC device through temperature air forcing. 

ThermalAir thermal cycling test systems perform at the the mil-spec thermal testing range of -55°C to +125°C (actual test range -100°C to +300°C), with fast thermal cycling test capabilities in just seconds. Control temperature transition times, set ramp, soak, and cycle with a touch.

This is why the MPI Thermal TA-5000 Series ThermalAir Thermal Cycle Test Systems are used for accurate temperature testing and are an integral part of the semiconductor testing, manufacturing, and IC packaging process.

Thermal Cycling Test

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Some Applications


  • Thermal Cycling Test
  • Reliability Testing
  • Testing IC
  • Heat Stress Analysis
  • Back-end Test
  • IC Package Test
  • Accelerated Life testing
  • Thermal Characterization
  • Final Test

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Our Precision Temperature Forcing Systems use a direct temperature-controlled stream of hot or cold air to provide a precise thermo test environment for thermal stress testing, thermal conditioning and thermal cycling tests of electronic and non-electronic assemblies and sub-systems. The ThermalAir Temperature testing system enables an accurate thermal cycling test, allowing you to perform temperature simulation tests in situ, at a specific location, (at your tester station/benchtop), or directly on the unit under test. Our portable self-contained thermal inducing systems only need to be plugged in and you’re ready for test, easily performing IC testing.


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Semiconductor IC Package Test

Product and Test Engineers in the lab and on the semiconductor production floor use and share the ThermalAir thermal inducing stress cycling systems to bring their devices to temperature ranges from -55°C to +125°C in just seconds. ThermalAir IC Testing Equipment provides accelerated thermal cycling through a hot and cold air stream directly on the IC under test (DUT). The ThermalAir TA-5000 has a thermal cycling test range from -100°C to +225°C without the use of Ln2 or CO2.

  • Ultra Cold Temperatures maintained at 50&60Hz
  • Dual Touch Screens Front Panel & Thermal Head
  • Plug-in anywhere from 200~250VAC, 1Ø
  • ECO Smart DC system for up to 50% energy saving
  • No voltage configuration to use at different locations
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ThermalAir can control by user setting, the ramp rate, temperature transition time as fast as -55°C to +125°C in less than 10 seconds.



The TA-5000’s built-in air dryer and filtering system sends clean dry air (CDA) through its powerful internal chiller / heat exchanger to delivers hot & cold temperatures from -100°C up to +300°C.

User can control flow rate from 2 to 20 SCFM. The ThermalAir temperature system is all self-contained. You just plug it in and it’s ready to start thermal testing your parts. [No configuration required].

The TA-5000A has several ways to control temperature. The thermal stream system uses external thermo couples. The most common temperature thermo couple input temperature sensors the thermal stream using are T-Type & K-Type thermo couples. The MPI ThermalAir system also has multi-channel (resistance temperature detectors) RTD and Diode inputs for precise temperature control of the thermal stream system.

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